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Smokys Little Pearl

Frosty is our GORGEOUS Cremello Quarter Horse filly. We got her as a 11month old but had to downsize on several horses a few months after we purchased her. Sold her to a good friend (and now our farrier).   We bought her back 9 months later and are excited and cannot wait to continue her career.

She is an all around mare. We give lessons on her at home, and can turn around and take her out to an arena and she gives 150%. She loves her jobs and does them to the best she can.

We are hoping to further Frosty with some reining training soon. But for now she is a nice little heel horse and will run barrels also(though its not as much fun as chasing steers to her) =)


View Frosty's bloodlines: Smokys Little Pearl


April 26th 2010

14.2hh tall and growing(wider). 


Watch with us as she progresses in the next few years.

You're more then welcome to check her out and see just what kind of a horse we train up if you see us at any competition.

Pictures of Frosty

Frosty will be our performance mare along with Kitty, so be on the look out. We have yet to know just what kind of power lays within these 2 amazing Mares!!

You can definitely expect foals out of these mares in a few years. Be the first to own a beautiful foal from these girls!

***May 2013 UPDATE***

 Frosty has been coming along perfectly! She is now a great trail horse, She is already doing sliding stops, backs and is tracking cattle. Already she can face in the heelers box and breaks out straight down the fence.

All within 15 rides shes got this down pat!

Am thrilled with how fast she learns and that she just keeps on going!


Frosty getting thicker everyday and coming along soo nicely! She does sliding stops and backs with barely a touch on the reins. Shes ponying other horses, is going on the heelers side like a pro and is picking up the barrel pattern like shes been at it for years!! Cannot wait to start her rodeo career!


 Look for us come next year at the barrel races and team ropings. Shes up and coming QUICKLY!

 March 29,2014



September 2015