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                                       PONY RIDES                                    




$95 per Hour


(the pony needs atleast a 30min water break if booked for 3 hrs)


**Can add half hours onto your hour if desired also**

$45 for a half hour added to the hour 

there is atleast a 1 hour minimum

(unless within 15 miles from our ranch)

We do Charge a $10 fee if traveling further than 30 miles away for a 1 hour pony ride



About The Pony

Name: Misty

Height: 44"

Breed: Shetland Pony

Age: June 6th,2006

Color: Black and White Medicine Hat Pinto

HM Misty Blue aka Misty, has been with us since she was a year old. She came from South Dakota. She is breed to be a show pony. But since we do not show and we saw how loving she is towards children we decided to test her out and see how well she would do in public. Well I think she handles everything in style! She not only loves what she does but is practically fearless!!!

Misty is currently in her 8th year of doing pony rides with us. We are thankful for each and every one she does for us.!





The way it works!!!

All the kids who want to ride make a line and each child will recieve a turn going around a designated area for us to give rides in.

Then as the time allows they can get back into line and take as many turns as they like.

We can also set up time to paint the pony if so choose.

(Crayola Washable Paints preferred)

Chopped up apples and small carrots are allowed for the pony after the rides are over.

We do allow and encourage, for a group shot with the birthday boy and or girl on the pony with their friends and family around.

**Great for the photo album!!** and also as many photos as you'd like to take within our time frame.


*photo curtesy of the family*



 Gave rides for a daycare centers Holiday Party


Misty visiting at a hospice home care. 






If you would like a visit from Misty, please give us a call or email and we shall set up a date to come greet you and whom ever else may want to join in on the love from this amazing pony!




 All parties need to be scheduled 1 week in advance please!

(we train horses, give lessons and hold full time jobs also)

Please call, text or email Stephanie ahead of time to varify which date.

(I will try to keep the calendar on here updated as possible)

We also have Facebook and Instagram that we update faster on.

check us out, search for: hmpaintedhorses


We also need to know:

-Childs first name(so we know when we come)

-Childs favorite color(so we can decorate the pony and ourselves)

-How many hours we will be needed(more than hour requires a deposit)

-Location of the party(please provide this info atleast the day before by text message or email)


Payment Options 


Checks are ok(for 2 or more hours only)  

<$CASH$> is prefered please.

We are also excepting cards now

please note there is a $5.00 charge per card swipe 


***2 ponies can be arranged also if needed*** 

Currently unavailable until we are able to get another pony



We can also come for after school events, show and tells, presentations, etc



please email, call or text Stephanie to discuss further.