HM Painted Horses

Specializing in Paints, Quarter Horses, Shetland Ponies and Mustangs

HM Painted Horses Personal Horses

This here is where you can view our personal riding horses and their information to see how we like our horses to be and for you to know what to expect out of your horse when we are done training them.


Here you can view our Amazing Stallions! We do offer outside breeding to responsible owners of our foals. There are unwanted horses from lack of responsiblitiy and we strive to make sure each time we breed, the foals have a fullfilling and usuable life! 


Mr Blakburn Poco 145 aka Benny -Quarter Horse Stallion - Dunskin



Click on the name below to view each mares own page! We may have foals available some time soon in the next year or so and they will be available to you unless otherwise noted.


FROSTY Smokys Little Pearl -Quarter Horse - Cremello

JILLIAN Mustang - Bay

DAKOTA HM Little Miss Dakota -Sorrel Sabino Paint/Quarter Horse

MISTY HM Misty Blue- Black and White Medicine Hat Shetland Pony

ANNIE  Quarter Pony - Grey

PEPPER  POA Pony- Chestnut Appy


Here you will find the list of our geldings.



HM Painted Horses Foals

This page will have pictures and some information on our new foals we get out of our mares.