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Lessons and Training


please feel free to email, call or text to book your horse(s)

we may have a cancellation and or open spot come available sooner 


     -----Please be sure to Call, Text or Email us ASAP to book your spot.       Especially if you are wanting a 60 day or longer package.-------


Here at HM Painted Horses, we offer lessons and training for you and your horse(s).  We have lots of experience in helping people with their horses. Sometimes even helping the horse with their owner! 


Its a lot more work than you think to understand your horse. Its not just a pet that will do as you please at the snap of a finger like a dog would. You have to build a safe trust with the horse. After all, they do know they are MUCH bigger than you ever will be. 


Horses are just as sensitive as we are. They know and feel the same. They can tell when you are mad, sad, frustrated, excited and happy. You must have a good center of balance when you are working with a horse. They will play around with you and test you more than you think. It can become a safety hazard if you get to upset and frustrated while working with a horse. Even getting over EXCITED can cause a safety issue. We are all about keeping you and your horse safe at all times. 


If you are interested in learning how to work with your horse(s) so that you can become partners and life long friends together then shoot us an email. 


If you are looking to better your skills for riding or just looking to ride a horse we do offer lessons by the hour for you to come and spend time with a horse and to know what you are doing. 


We have horses of all sizes and of all different training levels. Each one of our horses are different and have different personalities and different energy levels. Perfect way to show you how horses can be and what to expect out of certain horses.




Contact us VIA email or text and we can set up a time for you and or your horse to come out and learn together. 

Stephanie HM 


Lesson Prices  (subject to change)

Lessons: We are here to help teach you to ride, for any level of rider, and we also offer lessons to show you how to train your horse properly.

               We believe in helping out anyone and everyone that wants to learn!

If you have confidence issues- please dont be shy!! We can help you!

The horse is not responding to you!- dont give up, we can help!

Your riding just seems off?!- we can help!

You want to learn more- we have the knowledge and patience to teach you!


ANY reason you may have please dont be shy we WANT to be here for your every horse need!


PRICES FOR LESSONS:(subject to change)

$40 per hour at our ranch

$60 per hour at your place 


If we come to you for a lesson we charge $60 for the first hour($40/hr after).

That covers gas to travel. (within 25mile radius) any further ($10 more).


Children ages 10 and under if riding the pony only:

$30  per hour 



We have alot of open availability right now for sessions.

So please email call or text to get a set date TODAY!!

Basic Training

Basic training: Introducing your horse to the natural horsemanship way of life.

We of course start all horses in training with us on this method but if you just want some good ground manners or want a better relationship with your horse then we can help you achieve this by teaching your horse first and then your horse can teach you the proper ways(with us assisting)

We do this training in lessons at your house.

                              For: $40/hr (within 15 mile radius) 

                                                   $10 travel fee if further 


We will also offer week long (7 days straight) at our ranch:

For $250 including feed.


We will, of course, offer the 30,60,90 day package if more time is needed or wanted on your horse.

This includes exposing your horse to anything we can.

Trail riding, trailer work, round penning, being ponied/ponying another horse, etc.   

Prices(subject to change): 

 $400(feed not included) /30 days  or  $500(feed included) /30 days

$650 (feed not included)/60 days or $800(feed included) / 60 days

   $900(feed not included) /90 days  or $1100(feed included) / 90 days

 More Training can be accommodated so long as there are no other horses booked for after your designated time frame.

Barrel Racing

 Using natural horsemanship training, to get your horse soft, supple, calm and collected.

High strung and unruly horses at events are annoying and dangerous to others around. Here we pride ourselves on keeping your horse focused and thinking right at all times. All the energy is to be used in the arena NOT outside the gate.

Your horse will be patterned on the barrels the right way, to rate each barrel and give you the pocket you need to make that smooth turn each and every run. Your horse will also be hauled to events during the month for time onlies to get the exposure needed.(fees are included in price)


** Horses for this MUST BE broke and already be able to walk, trot and lope with ease.** 

no unbroken or super green horses or we will charge an extra fee to get your horse where it needs to be for this type of training 


For 30 days of training:

                     $500 feed not included

                     $650 feed included(horses are fed twice daily)

For 60 days of training:

                       $800 feed not included

                       $950 feed included 

**supplements and grains can be given if you supply them and or we will charge extra for getting them grains and supplements. 

Team Roping

We can also train your horse to team rope.

Getting the horse to score, rate, and track cattle the right way!

We create an all around thinking horse to be able to pick up on each steer(as all run different) so as to create that "perfect shot" for you. Working off the legs and slight hand cues to ensure the horse can pick up where you want them quickly. We will teach the horse to score A LOT, teach the horse to track a steer using a dummy and then exposed to real steers(slow ones at first) to get the horse rating and tracking live cattle. Horses will be hauled to ropings and practices for exposure.



For 30 days of training:

                     $550 feed not included

                     $700 feed included (horses are fed twice daily)

For 60 days of training:

                            $800 feed not included

                            $1000 feed included 

                                   **also includes hauling to arenas for practice/exposure

For possible further training  please email for prices.

 **supplements and grains can be given if you supply them and or we will charge extra for getting them grains and supplements.

Colt Starting

We do offer colt starting for you as well.

We advise starting all foals soon as they are born but some people wait till they are older and a little harder to handle. Well your worries are over!!

Bring us any young horse even older and we can start them for you.



Prices: Based on the horses needs.(price can range from $400-$1000 Per 30 days.)



Please call, text or email to get a quote.


Below are pictures of some of the horses we have started and or tuned up over the years.



Please email with information on the horse as our rates will be based on the horse not a time frame.